Personal Training Session – 1 hour ($80)
One-on-one personal training session
This can be a one-off session to focus on specific technique/form questions you may have.
This could be the first of multiple sessions to establish good habits, movement patterns and reach specific goals. If this is the case, your sessions will look like this:
Session 1 – Dynamic movement assessments to establish a baseline and identify areas of desired improvement. You and your Trainer will also have a discussion to establish your goals as well as make decisions about where your program will focus to ensure you reach your goals.
Session 2 Onward – One-on-one coaching of your individualized program.

Pricing for Personal Training Sessions:
1 – 4 Sessions                        $80 per session
5 – 9 Sessions                        $70 per session
10 – 14 Sessions                    $65 per session
15 – 19 Sessions                    $60 per session
20+ Sessions                         $50 per session


Program Design Package – Three 1 hour sessions ($180)
Session 1 – Dynamic assessments to establish baseline and identify areas of desired improvement as well as goal setting and program focus discussion.
Session 2 – Presentation of Program. You and your Trainer will go through and practice all of the movements contained in your individualized program.
Session 3 – Check-in session after a designated period decided on by you and your Trainer. Your Trainer will re-assess movements, and ensure the program is working for you. Small changes to your program as you develop strength and confidence (such as weight adjustments, swap out of a few movements for new ones, etc.) are included in this package.

Program Re-design Package – Three 1 hour sessions ($140)
If you reach the end of your program and would like to re-focus, set new goals and have a brand new program developed.

For more information or to speak with a Trainer about getting started:


Phone: 613-553-8070